Tony Tran.

"I know my ADTs like I know my ABCs."

About Tony

I'm a rising junior computer science major who has an interest in human computer interaction, and educational software.
Roles I'd like to play: Backend-Developer, Software Engineer, Full Stack Engineer.

I'm also into power lifting and meal planning.

Western New England University

B.S. Computer Science

Springfield, Massachusetts

August 2014 - Expected May 2018

Major GPA: 3.49

Relevant Coursework

Design of Database Management Systems

CS364 or Design of Database Management Systems is a course designed
to teach students relational algebra beyond what's covered in Discrete Mathematics and how to query and
create databases with SQL.
The DBMS used for the course is MySQL

Data Structures I

CS201 or Data Structures I is a course that teaches students the foundations of Objected Oriented Programming
and the three tenets of OOP: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation.
These concepts are taught in Java

Data Structures II

CS202 or Data Structures II is a course that teaches students what are data structures,
how do we use them and how do we create them.
The course is done in Java, in addition students learn about the other classes in Java that they can use
instead of creating their own class like Deque, Stack and Queue for Stacks and Queues.

Data Communication and Networking

IT250 or Data Communication and Networking is a course that teaches students the concepts
and terminology of data communications, network design and distributed information systems.
Major topics include communcation concepts, network architectures, data communications software
and hardware, and the impact of communications technology on information systems.

Projects I've worked on


October 2015

JavaScript, Node.js, Express, HTML, CSS

Web application made using IBM Watson API and Watson's Visual Recognition Service Node.js backend and Express used in the front end.
User takes a photo of an animal submits it to the application, application spits out the classification of the animal (species, kingdom, etc).


November 2015

Java, Encog

Research project done with 4 other students and a faculty member

Used encog to build a neural network that would accept various data as input,
and output the teams that got in

Building the bracket for the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament

    Three part project
  1. Determine which teams are in or out.
  2. Group the teams into seeds
  3. Build the bracket


February 2016

Android, Java, Google Cardboard, Skype

Stream video real time to a virtual reality head set.

Created an application using the cardboard software development kit
and Android Studio that would open up the front camera on an android phone

Blind View

March 2016

Python, OpenCV, twilio, havenondemand

Assist blind by reading text on objects in front of them from their mobile device.

I worked on handling API calls with HPE's HavenOnDemand Image recognition service.
Parsed the JSON into readable XML that would be sent to my team mate's twilio server
which will send a text to a blind user's mobile device which was converted into speech by their mobile device's built in accessibility options.


    Languages and libraries I've worked with

  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bash
  • Git


  • Networking
  • Database Design
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Web Servers
  • Desktop Support
  • JSON

Work Experience